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Warranty Warranty

Warranty - Laminate Flooring

On fulfilment of the below conditions, Greenpanel Industries Limited grants the following warranty on its Greenpanel Wood Floors:

What the warranty covers:

Stain Resistance: Greenpanel Wood Floors is resistant to normal household stains on the decorative surface. The floor will not stain due to spills from beverages, if removed promptly and cleaned properly.

Fade Resistance: Greenpanel Wood Floors is resistant to fading from exposure to indirect sunlight or normal artificial light with the exception of natural ageing.

Wear Resistance: With respect to claims on surface wear-through, an area on the floor panel is considered worn out only if the surface wear is readily visible (ie. approximately 9.7 square cm) and the decorative layer has been exhausted until the core material is visible. Claims for surface wear-through are unacceptable if the surface wear-through occurs at the edges/joints of the panel. Gloss reduction is not considered to be surface worn-through.


General warranty conditions

The warranty does not cover damage due to transportation, storage, installation, extreme indoor conditions (excessive dryness or humidity), pets, insects, water, negligence, or any other similar cause. The warranty covers only defective products exceeding 5% in m2 of the total quantity purchased by the customer (excluding losses resulting from cutting boards during installation).

Obligations by Greenpanel Industries Limited

Under the terms of this warranty, the responsibility of the manufacturer, Greenpanel Industries Limited, is limited to any of the following measures, at Greenpanel’s sole discretion and without any other form of compensation:
i ) Supply the material necessary to replace the defective boards
ii ) Pay compensation equivalent to the purchase cost of the defective boards