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Installation Installation

Installation and Maintenance Guide

Site Evaluation
  • Greenpanel Wood Floors is for indoor use only. Do not install on any floor with floor drain.
  • Greenpanel Wood Floors needs a clean and flat surface.
  • Check the room and walls for water seepage.
  • Keep the unopened boxes for 48 hours in the room where they would be installed.
  • Stack them together leaving space to allow air circulation.
Surface Preparation and Moisture Control
  • Check levelling of the subfloor using a leveller.
  • Maximum distance between two high points and intermedium low point should not exceed 5mm in a 3 m radius.
  • Plane down the high spots using a grinder and flatten all the low spots using putty or cement.
  • Do moisture test of the surface, recommended moisture content for concrete subfloor is less or equal to 12% RH%.
  • Clear the subfloor surface of all dirt, particles and debris.
  • On a levelled subfloor lay Greenpanel underlay that consists of a vapour barrier PE foil and 2mm foam.
  • Fix the foam layer on joints using a tape.
  • It is recommended to install the planks parallel to the long side of the room and preferably to the incoming sunlight.
  • Use spacers to keep a minimum distance of 10 to 12mm from the wall.
  • PermaClickTM the glue-less interlocking technology, will help in a fast and easy installation.
  • Distance between the connection joint of the laminate following on the first line and that of the second line should not be less than 10cms.
  • The last piece of the panel should not be less than 10cms.
  • Last row installation – measure and cut the plank accordingly to fit in the last row. Use a pull bar to lock the last row where it is difficult to snap the plank due to lack of space.
  • Installation

    Place floor boards
    close together

  • Installation

    Rotate a half
    floor board into place

  • Installation

    Pay attention to
    the spacing

  • Installation

    Connect floor boards

  • Installation

    Connect end joints

  • Installation

    Continue forming
    staggered rows

  • Installation

    Fit the last row

  • Installation


  • Expansion space of 10mm around all corners is mandatory and failure of this might result in buckling of the floor.
  • For large rooms leave expansion space of 10mm after every 10m and cover it using a T-Profile.
Door Space
  • It’s easier and recommended to cut the door frame than to cut the flooring to match the moulding irregular shape.
  • Cut the door frame 1mm more than the thickness of the plank.
  • Leave 10mm space for expansion.
  • Keep the unopened boxes for 48 hours in the room where they would be installed.
Placement Around Fixed Objects
  • For any fixed object on the floor, simply cut the plank as per the desired size and place it accordingly.
  • The cut made to accommodate the fixed object will be 10mm more than the size which will leave room for expansion.
  • For shorter edge, cut straight across the hole and for longer edge cut two 45° cuts away from the hole, leaving a triangular piece. The extra pieces can be placed and stuck with glue.
  • Once fixed, fill the extra space using a sealant.
  • Installation

    Cut the planks

  • Installation

    Accomodate the
    fixed object

  • Installation

    Use a sealant to fill
    the extra space

  • Installation

    Cut across the hole
    leaving a triangular piece

Floor Accessories

  • Installation Skirting

    Provides finish to the floors by cladding the lower part of the adjoining walls.

  • Installation Stair Nose

    Covers the open edges of the floor planks and provides a seamless transition between the horizontal and vertical sections of the staircase.

  • Installation T-Profile

    Connects two sections of the floor at the same height.

  • Installation Reducer

    Provides a smooth transition from the floor to a lower surface such as tiled floor or carpet.

  • Installation Beading

    Creates a border between the floor and adjoining walls. Can be used as an alternate to skirting where skirting or beading is not used.

Maintenance and Preservation
  • Use a dust mop or vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust. Remove, without delay, all... abrasive substances (sand, slivers of glass, crystal and cuttings) that could scratch the finish.
  • Water is one of wood’s worst enemies. Never use large amounts of water to clean the floors, and never use a saturated mop. Wipe up spilled water, liquids, or detergents before they are absorbed by the wood fibers.
  • Deep clean your floor by using well known pre-finished flooring maintenance kit. To avoid damaging the floor, test a small area of the floor before cleaning the full floor. Note that only small amounts of liquid are needed. Too much liquids may destroy the floor. Cleaning the surface once a month is a minimum maintenance requirement.
  • Never use wax, household detergents, or oil-based soap on the floor. These products may discolor and damage the finish and leave a greasy film, making the floor slippery and difficult to maintain afterwards.
  • Maintain relative humidity between 40% to 55% and a temperature of approximately 20° Celsius (68°F) in the room where the flooring is installed. This will preserve the internal humidity of the wood and thus its dimensional stability.
  • Glue felt pads to the legs of furniture and chairs to avoid scratching flooring when objects are moved. Periodically examine the pads for wear and replace when needed.
  • Avoid rolling chairs with casters on the finished surface. Put them on rugs or plexiglass chair mats.
  • Heavy horizontal loads on the floor might give impact or indentation marks. At horizontal loading, the impact area and the natural hardness of the wood species determines whether there will be indentation marks. Take notice of heavy horizontal loads and in case there is a risk of indentation marks, protect the floor with floor felt pads.
  • Place walk-off area rugs or mats outside and inside any exterior doorway to collect small bits of sand and gravel that may be tracked into your home.